Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mini Apple Pies

I know it's been awhile since I've posted & have been neglecting my blog a bit :( But getting everything up and running has been a little rougher than I thought! So for now here's a super yummy recipe I found on Facebook!!! Mini apple pies & they were a hit here in the Harrison household!!!

Prep Time: Approx 30 min (probably much less without my mini helpers)
Cook Time: Approx 15-20 minutes
Servings: Approx 12 Mini Pies
Bakeware: Muffin Pan (I made 12)

  • Pie Crust mix (I used a box containing 2 but ran out for the top so you may want to add another box if making more than 12)
  • Apple (or any flavor) Pie Filling (you can make your own or I opted for the easy way and used it out of a can and must say it was pretty yummy!!!) 
  • Sugar & Cinnamon mixture (I just mixed until the color was a lighter brown)
  • Cooking/baking spray (I used a baking spray)
  • Flour to spread to keep crust from sticking
  • Pre-heat oven to 375 (or directions on pie crust box)
  • Spray muffin pan with cooking or baking spray 
  • Mix pie crust according to directions for the one you purchased. I used Betty Crocker & only had to mix water :) 
  • Once dough is mixed, spread flour on cutting board or counter, roll out crust to about 1/4" thick. 
  • Cut out circles large enough to spread in the muffin tin (I used a large coffee mug)
  • Place the crust circles inside the muffin pan where it covers all the way to the top. You may have to cut and re-roll out crust to cut again :( But there's just enough if you do it right. 
  • I sprinkled some of the cinnamon & sugar mixture in the bottom here (it's not a must but makes it super yummy!)
  • Open pie filling and fill up the min pie crusts :) (I had to cut some of the apples in half so they would fit and put 2-3 apple pieces in each pie crust and lots of the yummy filling too) 
  • Use the remaining crust to roll out and cut into small stripes to cover the tops... As you can see I didn't have enough to cover all the tops evenly so my girls chose how they wanted the remaining done :) If you roll it out right it will be just enough but I had 4 little helpers with me!!! 
  • Sprinkle the cinnamon & sugar mixture on top of the mini pies...  My girls LOVE anything with cinnamon & sugar so we put quite a bit on top here... 
  • Bake for about 15 minutes or until the mini pies are golden brown and bubbling a little. I couldn't time it just right because again I had 4 anxious little girls wanting them NOW MAMA!!!
  • Let cool for about 20-30 minutes and ENJOY your.....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gone Fishing!

I ran across this idea on, yes you guessed it, Repeat Crafter Me. I loved the idea and kind of transformed it a bit for my 2 year old daughter. Baby Sister is just starting to learn her numbers and with Big Sisters going back to school, well what a good time to start teaching her more!

You can see the original post from Repeat Crafter Me HERE

I used a different template for the fish that I found online and then created the rest myself from there. I also went to 10 instead of 5 so that she can learn to count to 10! I also used felt to attach a "hook & worm"

She absolutely loved it!!! Please visit the link above for all the details!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nova's Puppy Pillow ~ Tutorial

Like most puppies, my Nova girl has chewed her way through quite a few pillows & beds! I was determined to find something I could make that would be a little more durable!... I looked at the ones you can buy and refused to pay between $40-$100 for a bed she'll just chew up in a week :p Especially when I knew I could make her one for under $10 and in under an hour!!!  She seems to enjoy it quite well!!!!

Materials: Standard size pillow, 3/4 yd THICK Drapery Material, 3/4 yd  Fleece. Sewing Machine

Step 1: Lay out fabrics on the table and flip to the back facing you (See photo). Pin in place.
*****I marked a 1" seam around my fabric as a sewing guideline (I'm new at sewing & still  can't seem to keep my line straight)*****
Step 2: Sew around 3 edges
Step 3: Cut the corners, this way when you turn it inside out, the corners will come out better. (see below photo)
Step 4: Turn inside out & stuff in the pillow
Step 5: Take the top and fold in a 1" seam. (See below photo)
Step 6: Place in sewing machine & sew across
Voila! One puppy bed complete... 

 I used a standard pillow for mine which is a little small for my Nova girl but I know I'll be making a new one soon enough :p I used what I had here at home & will make a larger one in weeks to come! If you need a larger one you can just measure the fabric the size you want and use poly-fil to stuff!
You can even add a fleece monogram :)

It took me about an hour to finish and a nice cup of coffee too :p

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Creamy Crunchy Chicken

I found this recipe online somewhere... Once my Husband & Daughters tried it, well they were in love.... And so was I :) It was so simple & easy to make, cheap ingredients & absolutely delicious!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as we have! It's the perfect recipe for busy Mama's & Daddy's out there... And even the picky kiddos will love it!!! Bon Appetite!!!
Prep Time: 10 minutes ~ Sauce about 5 min Cook Time: 40-50 min... Sauce about 7 min
Serving Size: Family of 6

What you'll need: 2 ~ 13x9" pans, cooking spray, aluminum foil, medium sauce pan, whisk

Chicken Ingredients: 16 Chicken Breast tenders, 2 Sleeves Ritz Crackers,  3 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese. 1/2 Cup Milk. 1 Tsp Dried Parsley, 1/4 Tsp Salt, /8 Tsp Pepper  

Sauce Ingredients: 10 oz Can Cream of Chicken, 2 Tbsp Sour Cream, 2 Tbsp Butter
Chicken Prep: Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees, Spray 2 13x9" pans with cooking spray
Crush Crackers into crumbs
Pour milk, crackers and cheese into 3 separate bowls/pans
Toss in salt & pepper into crackers and stir
Dip each chicken tender into the milk and then the cheese (you may have to press the cheese into the chicken) Then take the chicken and roll into the cracker crumbs until fully coated.
Place chicken into pans at least 1/8" apart
Sprinkle dried parsley over the chicken tenders
Ready for the oven!!!
Cover pan with aluminum foil & bake @ 400 degrees for 30 minutes. 
Remove foil & bake for an additional 10-15 minutes or until edges of chicken are golden and crispy
Nice & Hot!!! Ready for the sauce

Sauce: Prepare Sauce while Chicken is cooking!!!  Mix entire can of Cream of Chicken, sour cream and butter into sauce pan on medium heat. Stir continuously with a whisk until all ingredients are mixed and turned into a creamy sauce and is nice & hot...

My Daughter wanted to help!!!
SERVE: Place chicken on a plate & cover with the creamy sauce.... Voila! I added green beans & made it a yummy dinner!!!
    Sauce can even be used to "DIP" as my 2 year calls it :p
 I hope that you all will enjoy this recipe as much as my family & I have! It's quick,easy & low cost which is even better!!! Bon Appetit!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Starting this journey...

Welcome to Mama's Chaos & Crochet.... I'm just starting on this journey so forgive the blog still being "under construction" I'm still learning as I go!  I've wanted to start this adventure for some time now and am slowly getting there...

I am in the process of starting my own online business selling handmade crochet items that I pour my heart into making. Each item I make, I make like I'm making them for my own daughters.

My blog will have a variety of things... I'll be showing my current projects, crafts, recipe's and much more... Just day to day ramblings :) Lovin the life of Mama & Wife!!! 

I hope my blog will help others see that any dream is possible if you just don't give up... Keep reaching and eventually you'll get there!!! I hope to show all stay at home Mama's & Daddy's out there that even tho it's a very demanding job, we can have fun!!!