Monday, July 15, 2013

Nova's Puppy Pillow ~ Tutorial

Like most puppies, my Nova girl has chewed her way through quite a few pillows & beds! I was determined to find something I could make that would be a little more durable!... I looked at the ones you can buy and refused to pay between $40-$100 for a bed she'll just chew up in a week :p Especially when I knew I could make her one for under $10 and in under an hour!!!  She seems to enjoy it quite well!!!!

Materials: Standard size pillow, 3/4 yd THICK Drapery Material, 3/4 yd  Fleece. Sewing Machine

Step 1: Lay out fabrics on the table and flip to the back facing you (See photo). Pin in place.
*****I marked a 1" seam around my fabric as a sewing guideline (I'm new at sewing & still  can't seem to keep my line straight)*****
Step 2: Sew around 3 edges
Step 3: Cut the corners, this way when you turn it inside out, the corners will come out better. (see below photo)
Step 4: Turn inside out & stuff in the pillow
Step 5: Take the top and fold in a 1" seam. (See below photo)
Step 6: Place in sewing machine & sew across
Voila! One puppy bed complete... 

 I used a standard pillow for mine which is a little small for my Nova girl but I know I'll be making a new one soon enough :p I used what I had here at home & will make a larger one in weeks to come! If you need a larger one you can just measure the fabric the size you want and use poly-fil to stuff!
You can even add a fleece monogram :)

It took me about an hour to finish and a nice cup of coffee too :p

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  1. That is an excellent idea! You saved a ton of money that way. My mom always said why buy what you can sew. : )